Welcome to Synergy Academy!

The Mission of Synergy Academy Chartered Public School is to activate and nurture the inherent talent and potential of our students, using individualized educational plans and experiential learning to empower students with tools to navigate their futures and achieve their academic goals.

The primary purpose of Synergy Academy is to offer student-centered academics to students who have faced challenges in a traditional high school Synergy Academysetting. We will actively engage students in a robust personalized course of study, concepts, skills, and dispositions to real-world problems, the authentic performance of mastered competencies, and meaningful relationships with the adult community through personal advisors, mentors, apprenticeships, and hands-on service learning.

Vision: All students in the greater Concord area have access to high-quality academic and support resources that meet their individual needs and cultivate their individual goals and talents. Students from a variety of socio-economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds learn and grow together in a safe community, and gain the tools, skills, and resiliency necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

Our Purpose: Synergy Academy Chartered Public School’s goal is for all of our students to graduate from high school and live purposeful, fulfilling lives, as evidenced by: Economic Self Sufficiency & Efficacy; Career Fulfillment & Success; Optimal Mental and Physical  Health; Healthy Relationships; Active Civic & Community Engagement; and Lifelong  Growth Mindset. Synergy’s targeted, individualized approach is even more needed and important in the current educational climate, as students struggle to recover from  learning disruptions and learning loss caused by COVID-19 shutdowns. These methods will always be applicable but will be especially vital for the next decade as these students continue with their education.


Empowering Students to Achieve Goals

This component of the program designates that we empower our students with the tools needed to reach their own individual goals. We partner with our students and their support teams to formulate a Personal Learning Plan to support them toward a successful independent adulthood. We understand that without clear goals, there is no way to ensure targeted growth.

• Community-Based Service-Learning: Students can earn credits towards their diploma while engaging in adaptive community-based service-learning opportunities. These will include:

• Students will be required to complete a certain number of community service hours before graduating.

• Community service objectives will be personalized and tied to students’ individual learning plans.

• Program / school-supported community service activities will be offered by and in partnership with local community partners.

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